PURRfect Party Cat Krispie Treat


Kat Krispie Treat Our Cat (for humans) Party Centerpiece Treat is an easy and fun alternative to cake. It is made from Rice Krispies, and fun for everyone to assemble!

To make this recipe, you will need one of our Pantastic Fabulous Feline Pan!

- Cat Pan
- Cooking Spray (not baking spray)
- 9 cups Rice Krispies
- 6 cups Marshmallows
- 1 cube butter (or margarine)
- Gel Frosting Pens (found in grocery store) for outline face and cat
- 10x14" Heavy board or Masonite (optional)
- 10x14" Kitty Themed fabric (optional)
- 10x14" heavy clear plastic (fabric store)(optional)
- 10x14" Kitty Themed wrapping paper
- Candy Melts, Yellow (found at Michael's) (Optional)
- Large plate or platter big enough for Fabulous Feline to fit on 10x14" if not covering board (Optional)

- OPTIONAL - Cover 10x14" masonite or cardboard board with either kitty wrapping paper or fabic and plastic sheeting, secure on underside of board with either tape or glue.
- Thoroughly spray Fabulous Feline pan with cooking (not baking) spray.
- In LARGE Stock Pot, melt SIX (6) tablespoons of butter over low heat.
- When butter is melted, add EIGHT (8) cups of miniature marshmallows, stir until melted.
- Take off heat and add NINE (9) cups of Rice Krispies, stir until well coated.
- Spread into Fabulous Feline pan and press mixture evenly.
- When mixture is cooled and hardened a bit, turn out onto prepared board or large platter.
- Outline with gel and/or frosting pens to bring Fabulous Feline to life!

Clean Fabulous Feline pan, dry thoroughly. Melt candy melts per package instructions. Pour into face area of pan. When cooled and set, un-mold and place over face area of Kat Krispie Treat. Decorate as desired.

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